Everyday OS for Notion

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Organizing your digital world is hard!

🗂️ Tasks, Projects, Notes, Bookmarks…

🛠️ Thousand Tools

😰 Info scattered everywhere.

🤘 As often, Notion is a game changer

⚡️ Finally a tool to rule them all!

🗄️ Now it is possible to centralize EVERYTHING.

🤯 But without a solid structure, it can quickly become chaotic!

🔥 After years of iteration, I have finally built my ideal setup :)

🧠 A Second Brain that…

✔️ Boosts my motivation

✔️ Organize all my knowledge

✔️ Prioritize my mental health!

It's called 🧭 Everyday OS for Notion !

How is it different from the many second brain templates out there ?

They often brag about how fat they are...

I have the opposite goal: make the simplest yet powerful Second Brain.

So you can get it and be productive in no time.

No need to understand how dozens of databases are connected.

No need to be a Notion expert.

With Everyday OS’s cockpit, your productivity hub, you’ll up and running in no time.


🏠 Homepage of your Second Brain : the Cockpit

🏃 Manage your day with Habits & Tasks

🐣 Launch your Projects without stress

📚 Store your Notes the Second Brain Way

🎯 Reach your Goals

#Centralize everything with Tags

🌐 Collect ressources from the Internet into your Second Brain

🧘‍♀️ Keep Zen with Weekly Diary

🧠 Solve your Problems with Problem Framework

🧞 Learn how to be a productivity master with many tips and lessons

🎟️ Track your Movies, Books, Trips & Get amazing AI suggestions

⚡️ Quickest Onboarding Ever

🔥 P.A.R.A. Method from Tiago Forte & Getting Things Done from David Allen

More information : https://jonathansabbah.com/everyday-os

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Everyday OS for Notion

0 ratings
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