Product OS - Notion template

Jonathan Sabbah
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A complete Notion workspace for product and tech teams.

Based on state-of-the-art product management methods

How to use Product OS ?

1) Duplicate the workspace

2) Check which dashboards are useful for your company → it's easy to pick one if you don't need the whole package 😉

3) Tweak the properties to match your internal process

4) Import your data in the databases

Need some help to set up ? Let's Google Meet :)

About me

Ex-Lead Product Manager in a large start-up, headmaster of a Product Management bootcamp in Paris, product consultant and Notion die-hard fan ♥️


More information

  • OKR management
  • +
  • +
    Ideas board
  • +
    Sprints & tickets backlog
  • +
  • OKR management
  • +Roadmap
  • +Ideas board
  • +Sprints & tickets backlog
  • +Documentation
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Product OS - Notion template

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