Product OS - Notion template


Product OS - Notion template

Jonathan Sabbah

A complete Notion workspace for product management & tech teams.

✌️ Replaces Jira, Trello, ProductBoard, your current Notion

📙 State-of-the-art product management methods

⏱ Saves you weeks of Notion settings

I'm currently setting up my Notion space to welcome the team. While wondering how to configure the best tool possible, I found out about "Product OS": a pre-made Notion's template for sale. If your team runs on Notion, it's a 50€-buy that makes a lot of sense.

— Olivier Courtois 10y+ in product, co-founder of uku.wtf, ex-VP Product @comet, Product Director @ManoMano.

Product is hard.

Thousand tools

Many stakeholders

Information everywhere ...nobody knows where to find it

Notion is a game changer.

Finally a tool to rule them all!

Now the whole company has access to everything.

But without a strong structure, it gets messy fast 🤯

After couple of years iterating on this, I finally built the perfect workspace :)

The one that:

✔️ Aligns everyone

✔️ Allows easy customization

✔️ Organizes the mess

+100 companies and learners have chosen Product OS 🔥

About me

Ex-Lead Product Manager in a large start-up, headmaster of a Product Management bootcamp in Paris, product consultant and Notion die-hard fan ♥️

✉️ jonathan.sabbah@gmail.com

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