Hiring OS for Notion

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✌️ Replaces Workable, Trello, your very expensive Applicant Tracking System.

📘 Based on state-of-the-art hiring methods.

💰 No subscription required.

On candidate side:

  • A beautiful job board 
  • Candidates can apply directly inside the job description

On the company side:

  • Monitor all open roles
  • Applications land automatically in kanban boards
  • Manage effortlessly your interviews with 150 standard interview questions built-in

Headhunters (freelance or agency) ?

Check the new Hiring OS - Headhunt Edition!

Refund Policy

Due to its digital nature, I can't refund the pack if you buy it. If you’re not sure about it, my suggestion is to go first with the View only Edition and see if that would be the right route for you.

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Hiring OS for Notion

0 ratings
I want this!